Mold Damage

Mold can be dangerous and harmful to your health and home. Mold can thrive in areas with high moisture content. Mold will speed up rotting and deteriorating processes on all porous materials. It has also been known to develop on non-porous surfaces such as metal duct work and plumbing that has accumulated dirt and dust over time. This is where Westfair comes in. Westfair has certified technicians that specialize in mold clean-up (remediation) and has been doing so for over 50 years. Our goal is to lower mold levels back down to normal environmental standards. After initial inspection, it may be necessary to recommend that the affected areas be tested by a mold assessor (hygienist) when visible mold, or a strong smell of mold is noticed.  This hygienist should be a third-party participant, independent of any other work being performed in your house. Westfair will work closely with the hygienist to formulate a cleaning plan for the remediation of the mold. This plan will include contaminated area containment, air-filtration, & dehumidification as well as any cleaning deemed necessary by the mold assessor.